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How to Get Fit: The Crucial 4 Principles

Cardio? Fitness goals? Training? These words may sound overwhelming to a beginner or to someone who wants to change his mundane fitness program. Not to mention the numerous advice and how-to articles everywhere. Whether you’re trying to tone your muscles, lose weight, build strength, or train for a marathon, you need to get these four crucial principles in your head. But befo [...]

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How to Become a Fitness Model

Some models are rich while some are not. Regardless of whether you want to get rich or not, you’ll surely have a lot of fun in commercials, photo shoots, and presentations as a fitness model! Before moving on to how you can become one, let’s make some things clear. A fitness model should live a healthy lifestyle in order to have muscle definition, look healthy and fit, hav [...]

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How to Become a Fitness Trainer

CHOOSE A CERTIFICATION. There are different organizations and accredited programs that offer certifications. Before becoming a fitness trainer, you should first select the appropriate certification for your career goals (if you don’t have career goals, then that’s the first step). Just know that all programs will require you to own a GED or high school diploma. It [...]

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The Pedometer: The Secret Tool to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Wikipedia defines pedometer as a device that’s usually portable and electronic or electromechanical. It counts every step a person takes by detecting the movement of his/her hands or hips. Some beginners tend to ignore this device. But if you’ve been exercising for a while and you still haven’t noticed its importance, dude, you’re missing a lot in your fitness routine! [...]

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8 Apps You Need to Get Fit

Lose It! This app is available on iOS, Android, Kindle, Nook, and Web. Made to calculate calories and logging exercise, this free app can help you lose weight. It can prevent you from eating name-brand American foods (oh no!). Anyway, this app has been around for years and even provides the ultimate complete nutrition and fitness program designed to make you the be [...]

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The 1 Most Important Thing for Weight Loss and Staying Fit

Ever wondered why some people lose weight faster than you even though you have the same routine? You might ask why his/her body seems better when you both work out four times a week, lift weights, do cardio, and eat healthy food. The answer is in this five-letter word: SLEEP. You’re probably one of those people who does not prioritize sleep. Well, I’ve got bad news for yo [...]

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How to Get Started with Calisthenics

Most beginners in calisthenics don't correctly perform exercises. And that's a huge mistake. They usually just exercise and wait for something to happen. The change can't happen if they're not doing their exercises properly. Some even tend to “cheat” in exercises and prioritize quantity over quality. For instance, a person may focus on doing 10 improper push-ups rather th [...]

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24 Home Gyms You Must See

  This design by Phil Kean Designs shows how glass walls perfectly create a bright, cozy atmosphere inside the home gym. It looks stunning! Meanwhile, this soft and steel grey themed home gym by Brandon Architects defines class and simplicity. This well-ventilated gym which opens into the courtyard would probably keep you working out all day long! [...]

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