24 Home Gyms You Must See


  1. This design by Phil Kean Designs shows how glass walls perfectly create a bright, cozy atmosphere inside the home gym. It looks stunning!home gym

  2. Meanwhile, this soft and steel grey themed home gym by Brandon Architects defines class and simplicity.home gym

  1. This well-ventilated gym which opens into the courtyard would probably keep you working out all day long! Credits to Rick Ryniak Architects.home gym

  1. Check out this basement home gym plus dance studio by Rule4 Building Group! Stylish and wise!home gym

  1. Aiming for a gym that gets you close to nature? Be inspired by this gorgeous home gym taken by David Giral Photography. Even the engaging wooden ceiling pulls you closer to nature.home gym

  1. This home gym with a bright interior makes exercise sound good! It even has an airy atmosphere.home gym

  1. Lane Design + Build presents this traditional home gym that connects to the backyard.home gym

  1. Turn an old two-car garage into and expansive home gym! Thanks for the idea, Hibbs Homes!home gym

  1. Just gazing upon this custom designed home gym by Arc Design Group will surely make you want to break a sweat!home gym

  1. The warm yellow shade of this home gym makes you want to work out smiling, with happy thoughts! home gym
  1. If you don’t have much space at home, check out this compact but smart gym incorporated with mirrors. home gym

  1. Thanks to mirrors, your home gym can seem visually larger than it really is. Credits to Dave Brewer Homes. home gym

  1. Everyone knows the color green is good for the eyes. Using it for your home gym is a great idea to make the room seem larger. It also sets a lively mood! Credits to Cathy Zaeske for this photo. home gym

  1. Not a fan of dark themed gyms? Then you’ll appreciate this blue and white home gym that comes with a plush seating area. Looking at it is relaxing, isn’t? home gym

  1. Even the corner of your room can become a workout area if you’re just willing enough to exercise! All hail Spinnaker Development for this idea. home gym

  1. Check out this home gym by Jaffa Group Design Build that incorporated mirrored cabinets for extra storage space. Impressive! home gym

  1. The black and white wall art decoration by Victoria Martoccia Custom Construction makes this home gym look elegant and alluring. home gym

  1. If you already have dark walls, adding colorful artwork to make your gym vibrant and stimulating is a brilliant idea. Thanks to Sullivan, Henry, Oggero and Associates for this! home gym

  1. Take a look at these large glass windows that visually connect the home gym with the canopy outside. What a beautiful view! home gym

  1. Simply green. This home gym by Capstone Dwellings, Design-Build is one eye-catching workout zone.home gym

  1. Check out this relaxing home gym by Curt Hofer & Associates. Is there another view as bewitching as that?home gym

  1. This home gym with cedar wall home gym and custom rubber flooring by Atmosphere 360 Studio is sophisticated, modern, and definitely Instagram-worthy!home gym

  1. This home gym by Celebrity Communities is the exact definition of EXQUISITE.home gym

  1. A home gym and a bar? Sounds pretty good to me! This gym by Vonn Studio Designs looks stunning with colorful stripes. What a great way to use the basement!home gym