9 Common Mistakes On an Elliptical Machine

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  1. You don’t set goals.

You can’t achieve goals you’ve never set. So the first thing you should do is set your goals. Otherwise, you’ll be one of those people who perform the same routine again and again. The benefits of the effort you then put on the elliptical machine won’t even be worthy to be called “benefits”. Don’t forget to progressively work out by increasing your resistance as well as the time of your workout. Decreasing the incline on the machine will yield better results too. Aside from setting your goals, make sure you’re tracking your progress and measuring results too. Your goals must be realistic and specific. For example, saying you want to lose weight is a poor goal. The goals you set should be like this:

  • Increase the amount of weight I can lift by 20 pounds

  • Lose 10 pounds

  • To achieve this, I should work on my elliptical using my arms and legs for half an hour every day

  • Weigh myself every Saturday

  • Track my results

  • Accomplish this goal in 70 days

  1. You’re trying to imitate the hunchback of Notre Dame. If you’ve watched this cartoon, you probably know everyone doesn’t find hunchbacks attractive. What more if you’re just acting like one? The key is to stop slouching and stand straight! Most people neglect the importance of standing straight. It’s actually beneficial not just to improve your posture, but to lengthen your abs and provide a better chance to work out your core and upper body muscles. When you hop on this fitness machine with an upper body element, you can engage more muscles and burn more calories.

  1. You’re doing the same workouts. You’ve got to be kidding me! Changing intervals is necessary. It adds color to your dull, monotonous exercise routine with the machine. Intervals also boost your calorie burn. To avoid doing this mistake, you can either keep your pace and change your resistance or maintain your resistance and change your speed.

  1. You stick with zero resistance. Without resistance, don’t expect to see results. No matter how far you think you’ve reached, whether a mile or two in a minute, with zero resistance, you’ll have almost zero results too! Ensure that you’re applying sufficient resistance to push and pull through step. Continue at a moderate speed until you feel like you can’t do more and you’ve done your best.

  1. You leave out your information. You did what? Did you work out without entering your information? Well, that’s a total face-palm starter! Input your information to help you get a more precise count of your calories. Most machines are made for a 150-pound person, but not everyone has that weight. By the way, remember to burn around 100 calories per 10 minutes.

  1. Your machine sounds like it’s ready to take off. If you listen to your elliptical machine while exercising and it sounds like it’s purring, you need to stop. That means you’re not using sufficient resistance and you’re trying to be The Flash. When that happens, you won’t be able to get the maximum number of calorie burn during your exercise. Just work out at a moderate pace with a resistance that pushes you to use your muscles. Keep your heart rate up but safe too.

  1. You’re too hard on your feet. Going until your feet feels numb is a huge mistake. Never put too much pressure on your toes and make them feel nothing at all. When you do this, your feet will get tired faster and you’ll cut your exercise short. Correct this by sitting back into your heels. This will permit large muscle groups to exert more effort and provide you the stamina to endure for longer.

  1. You focus on your lower body. Your upper body needs attention too! You can incorporate the moving handles three days a week to work your upper body out. You can concentrate on your arms for a minute then exercise your legs for four minutes and repeat this interval.

  1. You don’t go backward. If you go backward, it would make your large muscle groups work harder. Going backwards also puts stress on your glutes and hamstrings. To do this, you should slightly sit back and keep your knees at a 90-degree angle while you stride.

If you haven’t bought yourself an elliptical we highly recommend that you read our elliptical machine reviews. Thanks for reading this blog post!