How to Get Started with Calisthenics

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Most beginners in calisthenics don’t correctly perform exercises. And that’s a huge mistake. They usually just exercise and wait for something to happen. The change can’t happen if they’re not doing their exercises properly. Some even tend to “cheat” in exercises and prioritize quantity over quality. For instance, a person may focus on doing 10 improper push-ups rather than 5 proper ones because they put more value on the number. And clearly, there will be no improvements if you lie to yourself.

Don’t worry, good results will show up if you continue to do proper exercises. Be patient and gradually increase your repetitions and sets to maintain your improvement. Only add tougher activities once you’re getting better. Also, strengthen your body parts that you feel are weaker than other parts. It’s better to welcome calisthenics to achieve your fitness goals. I also recommend you to watch videos and read books or articles to get hyped.

Enough with the introduction, let’s talk about how you can start.

Start with the basics! Before you perform Human Flags, Front Lever, and Muscle-Ups, do the basic calisthenics exercises first. Here they are:

  • Push-Ups – This exercise will help you build strong triceps and chests and secondary muscles such as your abs and shoulders.

  • Pull-Ups – This exercise will strengthen you arms and back, as well as your secondary muscles.

  • Abdomen Exercises – These exercises will give you a strong core which you will need for calisthenics. Take for example leg raises.

  • Squats – This workout will strengthen your legs.

  • Dips – This exercise will strengthen your whole upper body.

And those are the exercises you should do. For your information, advanced exercises are actually just variations and combinations of those five workouts I mentioned!

The key is to be consistent in those compound exercises and your strength and muscles will be built.

I’ll tell you three secrets to get a better physique and to build up strength for advanced calisthenics.

  • Perform your exercises properly. Don’t be like other people who deem push-ups or pull-ups useless. Always perform your repetitions with control and a full range of motion. This will make a big difference in building your muscles. Don’t forget to value quality over quantity.

  • Be patient. Your muscle won’t build up overnight. Everything takes time. Just set your short term targets to keep you going everyday. And make sure it’s not just a short term delegation, but a lifestyle.

  • Do better. Don’t expect to be better and bigger if you’re not getting stronger. Doing more sets, more repetitions, having short term breaks, or doing harder exercises will make you stronger and give you a better composition. Do better to be better.

And because we’re the best, we’ll give you a beginner routine to start with. This will work out your entire body—arms, abs, back, chest, legs, and so on.

Perform this cycle thrice:

  • 12-15 counter or wall push-ups

  • 6-8 bodyweight rows

  • 8-10 squats

  • 8-10 crunches

  • Rest: 30-60 seconds between each set. 1-2 minutes between cycles

Don’t fret if you can’t perform the full reps, simply perform as many as you can. If you feel that your muscles are getting tired, that means your muscles are growing so keep going (rhyme intended). You have to talk to your body and help it to do more so you can get stronger and grow muscles. Remember that your body won’t feel like it’s required to adjust if you don’t break a sweat and work your heart up.

By the way, if you want to do calisthenics because you want to lose weight, it’s better to decrease the number of times you rest to a minimum.