To Hire a Personal Trainer or Not

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fitnessAre you one of the doubters? Maybe you’re thinking about getting one but then you come across an article saying you really don’t need a personal trainer. Well, let me break it down for you.

Having a personal trainer might be awkward in the beginning. That’s because they’re guiding you and the moment might be unexpectedly intimate. You might cry if your personal trainer is a little harsh with your training, but that’s part of their job. You hired them to keep you going and to help you reach your fitness goals. Sure, there may be uncomfortable and embarrassing moments, but I’m telling you if you can afford, hire a personal trainer. Let me give you eight reasons why you should.

  1. They can help you perfect your form. Correct posture and technique are crucial in training and a personal trainer can demonstrate that for you. They would know its importance because they studied about it and are certified to train. A personal trainer will make sure you’re doing the proper form, preventing you from experiencing any injury.

  1. They can help you set attainable goals. Let’s be honest, when you’re too excited, you set goals that you feel you can accomplish at a short time. Those goals have a tendency to be unrealistic and improbable. That’s why you need a personal trainer. They can help you build muscle, be stronger, or lose weight. Whatever your main objective is, they can aid in setting goals that are reasonable. They can keep track of your progress as well. They’ll know what you should do based on your current fitness level. They can also help you set specific goals if you’re training to compete or participate in an event. It’s ideal to have a personal trainer when you’re aiming to achieve a particular level of fitness before doing something you want. They’ll keep you right on track and even guide you with your diet.

  1. They ensure you follow your exercise routine. If you have no personal trainer supervision, you might not follow the plans you’ve set for yourself. For instance, you might set a goal at night to exercise an hour before you prepare for work, only to wake up and decide to sleep again instead of working out! Doing this once is okay. But doing it twice? Thrice? That’ll be intentional and will be hard for you to do exactly just that! With a personal trainer, however, they will hold you accountable for your actions. They’ll see to it that you’re committed and that you follow your goals. Plus, going to meet your trainer sounds scarier (and therefore will most likely happen) instead of telling yourself that you should go to the gym.

  1. There will be no wasted time. With a personal trainer, you’ll waste no time. You’ll be doing what he has assigned for you to do because you know he’s looking. Some people go to the gym to wander, walk around more, and work out the way they want until the time they desire. If you hire a personal trainer, you’ll be encouraged, if not forced, to wholeheartedly perform every exercise. They can also teach you how to use each machine properly instead of you just guessing how that certain machine works. Less guessing time means more workout time and more workout time means better results.

  1. They can help improve your mental health. A personal trainer can help you overcome depression or other health issues using physical exercise. Medical health professionals even recommend that you exercise as part of your treatment if you’re suffering from a mental health problem. A personal trainer can serve as your source of inspiration while somehow being your unofficial therapist. Your personal trainer can be your friend. Sometimes you tell them what happened last week or how your work is going. And that’s all right. You should build good rapport to eliminate awkwardness. A personal trainer also knows what exercises you should perform to release the most endorphins to help you improve your mental health. What’s great about hiring one is they’re not just hired to help you reach your fitness goals, but to develop your overall health. It may sound a bit weird at first, but trust me, you’re better off with a personal trainer.

  1. They can challenge you. A personal trainer can challenge you when he/she thinks you’re improving and your exercises become boring for you. He can and he will take it to the next level if you’re ready. In addition, he can help you form good habits such as making the right decision when it comes to your diet. Your personal trainer can be your motivator, life coach, and nutrition guide. With one by your side, achieving your fitness goals will be possible.

  1. They can adjust to your schedule. Always busy? Don’t worry! A personal trainer can fit right into your schedule. Whether you’re available an hour before work, on your lunch break, or after work, they can train you. Personal trainers are flexible and they will completely understand your schedule. Hiring one won’t be a hassle because they can make an appointment at a time that suits you.

  1. They can personalize your training plan for you. Your personal trainer can make a training plan that will help you with your fitness goals. For instance, there may be some exercises you’re not capable of performing or you don’t enjoy. They can give alternative exercises which you might prefer instead. They can also lift you up so you could keep going when you think your workouts are too difficult.