How to Become a Fitness Model

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fitness modelSome models are rich while some are not. Regardless of whether you want to get rich or not, you’ll surely have a lot of fun in commercials, photo shoots, and presentations as a fitness model!

Before moving on to how you can become one, let’s make some things clear. A fitness model should live a healthy lifestyle in order to have muscle definition, look healthy and fit, have a body shape like that of an athletic, and simply glow. A fitness model does different sports activities, works out, and is involved in the fitness industry whether as a contestant or a professional. Furthermore, he/she can be hired to market fitness products, clothes, services, or equipment within the fitness industry. Lastly, a fitness model is one who stays in shape and tone and is prepared to do photo shoots and sign new contracts for fun and experience.

In contrast to what other people think, a fitness model is not someone who barely exercises or one who just worked out for 10 weeks. He/she is not one who simply wears fitness clothes or a swimwear model. He/she isn’t a bodybuilder who trains for bodybuilding contests.

Q: So, what does it take to become one?

A: You should be dedicated and disciplined. A fitness model knows how to manage his/her time well, has a healthy lifestyle, trains consistently, listens to constructive criticism, has a proper diet, has plans, stays positive, has a clear vision, and is a good role model.

If you think you can’t do that, don’t proceed! Kidding. Just set your mind and your body can do whatever you want to do.

I know you’re excited so let’s get down to business. Here are the ways on how to be a fitness model:

  1. GET AND STAY IN SHAPE. When you’re a fitness model, your body is your source of income. Getting and staying in shape might be strenuous but with determination, it’s possible. A fitness model should keep his/her body in its zenith. To be successful, your physical condition should always be at its peak. Remember that fitness models have toned muscles and little body fat. You should also decide on how bulky you want to be. To get and stay in shape, join a gym. An hour at the gym is good. If you want to spend more time, that’s all right too, as long as you’re keeping track of your heart rate. When you’re at the gym, do mixed training. That means you combine cardio exercises and resistance workouts. You just have to focus more on the resistance workouts. A fitness model who’s dead serious about being one must get a personal trainer. He/she can monitor you and help you achieve your goals. You must also mind what you eat. Consume clean foods. A fitness model’s diet consists of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Don’t eat fried foods, excess sugar, and empty carbohydrates. And do not drink alcohol. You’re also not allowed to smoke and do any kind of drugs. They’ll affect your body and hinder your improvement.

Remember that your lifestyle should be similar to that of a professional athlete. That means your lifestyle should be a disciplined one. Don’t just go to the gym and focus on your diet, you should also get enough rest. Sometimes, you may have to sacrifice your social life but it’ll all be worth it when you become a fitness model. The preparation is challenging, but the results are astonishing.

I also recommend you to keep a diet and exercise log book or journal. This will help you record the food you intake and the workouts you’ve finished. It will also help you strive harder or inform you to congratulate yourself when you’ve done a great job.

  1. STUDY MODELING. A fitness model who doesn’t know how to pose isn’t a fitness model at all! You should learn how to strike a pose. It’s not enough that you’re physically fit for the job, you should also know how to present yourself. Your poses are as important as your physical appearance. Why? Because posing properly can give you the big break you’ve been waiting for! It’s not easy, as it requires practice. But you can learn slowly. Posing in front of a mirror or a camera is a great way to practice. You must know how to present yourself using different poses. Identify the poses that emphasize your physical assets and get comfortable doing poses. Don’t fret if some poses don’t work for you. That’s completely normal. Just continue searching for the poses that look good for you. I also recommend you read books or magazines on modeling. You can take classes or hire a coach too.

  1. PREPARE A PORTFOLIO. This is a collection of your best shots and will help you get hired! Your portfolio is your chance to show agents and employers what you can do. Hire a professional photographer to take your photos and make sure they produce high-quality photos. You should update your portfolio as well. Do this at least every two weeks. Some agents require recent (like one week old) photos. If you’re a new model, including 6-12 photos in your portfolio would suffice.

  1. FIND THE RIGHT AGENT. A fitness model who wants to get professional modeling jobs should be properly represented by a professional in the modeling industry. Find the agent who can represent you, help you get the right jobs, and inform you of job opportunities. I recommend you find someone who “clicks” with you—someone you’re comfortable to work and be with. Don’t forget to settle payment arrangements before you sign any contract with an agent. Beware of agents who take more commission that others. After doing your research and listing prospective agents, prepare your portfolio with your resume then send the documents to them.

  1. LOOK FOR A JOB. Start searching for work. Don’t just sit around and wait for your agent to secure a job for you. Get yo lazy ass of and look for a job! Check local listings or media announcements for modeling gigs and auditions. Search the internet and read newspapers and magazines. You’ll never know what job opportunity is in store for you if you don’t do anything!