How to Maintain Your Treadmill and Make It Last Longer

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Treadmills. Whether you bought them at an affordable or expensive price, they’re still your investment and you still spent money. And one way to take care of it is to maintain it so it could last as long or even longer than its life expectancy. How will you do that? Read these tips and find out. By the way if you’re looking to buy a new treadmill we’ve compiled the top treadmill picks for you to see.

Tip #1 Regularly check your treadmill.

Before and after you use your machine, examine it first. If there’s anything wrong, try to fix it immediately. Neglecting this tip is crucial because there may be times when your treadmill is faulty, and you wouldn’t want to get injured during your workout. What will you examine? The following:

  • The frame – its bolts must be tight

  • The running deck – it should be dry

  • The running belt – it shouldn’t show signs of wear and tear and shouldn’t be frayed around its edges

  • Other bolts and screws – they should be tightened just right; not loose and not too tight

Tip #2: Keep it clean.

Ensure that you’re cleaning it after every use. Leftover sweat can cause the treadmill to rust over time and rust will stop the treadmill from performing well and looking good. You can clean it using a slightly moist or dry towel/rag. You need to clean the handrails, frame, and the console. All metal should be dry.

The walking deck’s perimeter, which attracts debris and dust, should also be cleaned once or twice per week. The treadmill’s deck is one expensive treadmill part so make sure you attend and take good care of it. If the deck needs to be waxed, you can either apply it or apply it from an internal reservoir. Keep that reservoir full. Check your model to know what option you should follow for this part. Also, wipe down the surface of the deck with a soft cloth once or twice a week.

Clean the area beneath the belt as well, since dirt coming from shoes or the poor air circulation can cause contaminants to stay there. When that happens, the belt will wear faster.

It’s essential to clean the area underneath the treadmill too. Make sure you always remove the dust because it can get stuck in the walking belt and reach the inside of the motor bonnet. You can use a vacuum with an extender want to get rid of the debris and dust under the treadmill.

Do ensure that the power cord is kept away from the base of the unit and the incline mechanism. Doing so will prevent the cord from breaking and the need to be replaced.

You can purchase maintenance kits for treadmills too. They are available on the market so you could clean the deck, motor, and belt. A kit includes:

  • Cloth – this absorbent cotton cloth is for the removal of dirt, dust, and debris from the treadmill

  • Surge Protector – this keeps your treadmill’s monitor and electronics protected. It prevents them from spikes in current and voltage.

  • Belt Cleaner – this keeps the treadmill’s belt clean. It also helps the belt look pleasant. The belt cleaner can also be used on treadmill surfaces.

  • A Replacement Key – this one replaces keys that were broken or lost. It comes with a clothing clip and a safety tether as well.

Tip #3: Regularly check the tension of the running belt.

You can do this by lifting the mid part of the belt on the machine’s side. It would then be lifted about 10cm off the deck of your treadmill. Always set the tension of the belt. If it’s too loose, it would seem that the belt is slipping under your feet. Adjust it by using the back roller bolts placed on the rear end of the machine. Check your manufacturer’s recommended level and follow it.

Tip #4 Keep your treadmill belt lubricated.

To do this, you need to spread the belt lubricant under the belt. This essential tip is for the smooth movement of the belt even after a long term use. Be careful about the lubricant you’ll use. If you use the wrong type, it could make the belt too greasy, making it lose its grip. Check if your manufacturer offers a maintenance kit for your treadmill and purchase that just to be sure. Don’t take the risk of guessing what lubricant you could use.

Tip #5 Conduct a Routine Maintenance

To keep your treadmill in its peak condition, perform a routine maintenance. That includes making sure the power cord is disconnected from power after every use and before you clean it. Otherwise you might get electrocuted. Also, the motor should be checked once a month to ensure that the dust particles have not accumulated on it.