The BEST Running App Is….

running appWe all know running is one of the most effective ways to burn out calories. It also helps you build your stamina. However, running without an app these days would seem boring. Plus, you need to take note of your progress, right? You’ll need an app to tell you how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, how fast you’re going, and how close you are to attaining your goals. But with so many running apps available, it’s acceptable to get confused. That’s why I’ve listed the top three best running apps. Enjoy!


Runtastic is for someone who’s sick and tired of a typical running app. With its modernly designed interface, you can do almost all fitness activities aside from running such as skiing, biking, kayaking, and snowboarding. This app even features a “Story Running” that will allow you to listen do an audiobook for $1 while running. The story isn’t long; it only lasts for about 40 minutes, which is perfect for a good exercise. After all, doctors recommend you target at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.

This powerful and easy-to-use app is a great tracker too. It keeps a detailed log of your workouts, motivating you to beat your previous record. Your comprehensive statistics and monthly workout charts will surely keep you running.

You’ll also love the built-in coach in this app. It guides you while you run and help you reach the goals you’ve set. Aside from that, Runtastic also has an auto-pause mode for convenient tracking.

This app is compatible with Runtastic Orbit, Runtastic Moment, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health.


Runkeeper is another laudable running app that focuses on keeping you motivated. It has a user community of more than 50 million runners that will keep you inspired. This app even offers rewards! No wonder it’s a favorite among athletes and professional runners. The accuracy of this app’s steps tracking, distance, and pace is one of the reasons why it’s loved.

Runkeeper will keep track of your workout in real time too! It also offers audio updates about your speed, total mileage, pace, and calorie count. You can also set your personalized goals and check your progress. In addition, it has advanced training plans made by professional fitness coaches to help improve your stamina and overall fitness.

Unlike other apps, Runkeeper allows you to play your favorite songs from your iTunes library or Spotify and match the rhythm of the songs with your running pace, eliminating the need to skip tracks. Impressive, isn’t?

Though the paid version is expensive, your money will be worth it.

This simple, highly accurate app is compatible with Apple Watch, Fitbit, Pebble, MyFitnessPal, other health apps, and as mentioned earlier, iTunes and Spotify.

And we’re down to the last! Ready? The BEST Running app is…


This is one fun running app. It’s like playing a game with your best friends. It’s perfect for runners who love to overcome challenges, compete, and set personal records. Strava focuses on improving pace distribution and interval timing rather than long-term goals like running five kilometers.

Strava features GPS tracking. It also lets you check the activity feed of your friends and when you can invite them to a challenge. You can also set goals, join monthly challenges, and see leaderboards.

This powerful app offers a goal tracking feature that will allow you to set the distance, time, segment or power goal, and track the progress while you’re running. You’ll like its Suffer Score that’ll measure you how hard you’re trying, Race Analysis that offers comprehensive insights to take your training to a higher level, and Power Meter Analysis that’ll show your performance second-by-second.

If you’ll like that, you’ll love its Live Activity Map feature which gives you a visual representation of how you’re doing against other runners. This feature works by tracking pace distribution across different segments in your run. Through this feature, you’ll see how fast your friends crossed a segment and whether you ran faster than them.

Strava is a great running app that encourages you to join a community. You can even find new friends and socialize with others with the help of this app. Plus, you can connect with some of the best runners in earth!

Although its membership is costly and you’ll have less control over what to share in public, owning this app will help you achieve your running goals. If you try to look at it, Strava being public will help you stay motivated because you know your activities can be shared via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

This powerful app is also compatible with Apple Watch, ANT+, and Bluetooth LE sensors.