Ways to Stay Motivated and Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

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  1. Let Your Thoughts On Wellness Be Greater Than Your Thoughts On Weight Loss. To keep you motivated, focus on being fit instead of losing weight. I’m telling you, there is a difference. If you concentrate on being fit, you’ll devote yourself to eating healthy food. If you focus on losing weight, you might consider going back to your old diet once you’ve lost weight already. If you pay attention to what you’re consuming every single day so you can get fit, you’ll eat less and eat only what’s healthy. In addition, don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t pressure yourself with the food you eat. Sometimes, a bowl of ice cream would be good. Being too hard on yourself won’t help you stay motivated. Remember that you’re eating less and consuming healthy food not just to lose weight, but also to be healthier.

  1. Set Your Goals, Write Them Down, And Place Them Somewhere You Can Always See Them.

How can this keep you motivated? If you always see your goals, you’ll be reminded of why you started in the first place. Your targets will fire up your spirit; you’ll want to reach them and be successful. I suggest you place them near your mirror or in the refrigerator to remind you that you have to reach those goals. Seeing these goals will cause you to be consistent in getting fit and therefore losing weight.

When setting your goals, remember to make them attainable. Don’t set goals that are just going to stay a dream because you have no intention of reaching or it’s too impossible to reach. Your goals must be reasonable. Attempting to accomplish too much might not work, as well as trying to attain too little. Consider the time as well. For instance, aiming to lose one pound each week is more realistic and attainable than aiming to lose six pounds in one month. By the way, your goals will be nothing but a wish unless you start making them happen. So make sure your lifestyle can support your goals. Modify and improve your lifestyle if you must. It’s also better to set small goals first and celebrate when you’ve attained them, before setting new goals. Remember, smaller goals are easier to achieve and the feeling that you’ve reached one goal will inspire you to pull off the next ones.

  1. Keep Track of Your Progress.

Getting inspired might be difficult while you’re at it. After all, losing 100 pounds can’t be done overnight. To help you reach your weight loss goals, keep track of your improvements. Hit the weighing scale at the end of the week and write down your weight. Over time, you’ll notice that the pounds have been dropping. You don’t have to lose a pound every week. Again, don’t be too hard on yourself. Just be consistent and work harder.

  1. Get Rid of Your Old Diet Plan

Forget your old food habits. Throw them away. Keep them out of the house. It’s not a piece of cake but it’s a must. Imagine craving for snacks with high-fat content all the time. How can you improve and lose weight? Stop saying “I’ll just have one slice”. And for goodness’ sake, when you go to the grocery store, stop buying food that you know won’t help you reach your goals. The “just in case” statement you say to yourself while holding your favorite junk food won’t help you at all. So what do you do? But healthy snacks instead. Aim to buy oatmeal instead of cookies. Have a variety of healthy snack choices to choose from when you’re at home. If you don’t have any junk food at home, you won’t be tempted to eat them; so make the wise choice of welcoming healthy snacks and sooner or later, you’re going to love them.

  1. Incorporate Music in Your Workout Routine

Can’t seem to stay motivated? Create a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them while you’re running, bicycling, or jogging. Music can help your mind divert from the pain and difficulty of working out. It’ll set the mood and keep you going.

  1. Reward Yourself with New Workout Clothes

You’re probably thinking, “Finally! Shopping!” Good news, buying new clothes for your workout will motivate you! After reaching your (small, attainable, and realistic) goal, purchase new workout clothes. You’ll feel better wearing them and therefore your workout will be better. Some fresh workout gear can make you look good and when you know you do; you’ll get thrilled to exercise. Plus, it’s difficult to get committed as the days pass by, so it’s a great way to reward yourself for all the hard work. New clothes will also boost your confidence so go ahead!

  1. Find a Partner.

This is another effective way to stay motivated. You can find a friend you can work out with whether you’re in the gym or in a fitness class. It will make you feel better if you have someone to talk to. However, if you feel that a friend won’t help you stay fired up, you probably need to hire a personal trainer.